A great first step to connection at RBC is through our Sunday morning gatherings at either 9:00am or 11:00am. Both times we will dive into the Bible, God’s transformative word for us today.

We also have times of signing and reflection on what God has done in our lives over the past week. A typical 11:00am gathering might look like the following:


11:00  We are welcomed from the front and some announcements will be made.

11:05  The band leads us in three songs with words on the two screens at the front.

11:20  Share time: We ask everyone what the Lord has done in the last week that has been an encouragement or how He has answered prayers. People can share with the group if they feel comfortable.

11:30  Prayer is given for our children and then crèche or primary aged are dismissed to their areas.

11:40  Brian teaches from the Bible.

12:10  The band leads us in three more songs. During this time we take communion, and you can go to the back where there are usually two members of the prayer team, and you can be prayed for.

12:20  A simple wrap up and blessing is given.

12:25  Coffee, tea and snacks are available.

WHat to expect when returning to RBC 

A video update to show you what to expect when safely returning to Renfrew Baptist Church.

We can't wait to see you again!


And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask,

know that we have the requests that we

have asked of Him.
1 John 5:15

On each Wednesday we meet at 7:00pm for prayer.

We gather in a small group and read one of the Psalms to start us off. We then take the next 20 minutes or so to reflect on the things we are thankful for and we pray those things along with what we had read in Psalms, out loud. The remainder of the time is opened up for individual requests that you might want us to bring to God.

All are welcome to participate however they feel comfortable.

PRAYER Walking

While we are currently unable to come together and worship the LORD in our building, we are coming together by getting out into our neighborhoods and individually seeking the LORD, asking for Him to pour out His blessing here and bring His will and reign in our communities. 
Do you feel the LORD prompting you to join us?

If you are interested, message Shauna Luse on Facebook or email prayer@renfrewbaptistchurch.com

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