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RBC was originally a simple gathering of individuals in 1894 for the purpose of prayer at the home of Mr. William Peacock, 10 Orchard Street. Not long after this, the pastor of Clydebank Baptist Church, Joseph Burns, began to conduct meetings in town.


On Sunday 6 November 1898, the people formed and met as an official church. In 1900 the first pastor was called to full time work, John McCallum from Dunrossness, Shetland. Since that humble beginning, the church has had 20 pastors, the current being Brian Luse, originally from the West Coast of the United States, joining in September of 2009.

What is it like visiting on a Sunday morning?

It would be foolish to say things like "It will feel like family" or "You will assuredly be very comfortable" if indeed it is your first time with us. Trying a new church or even trying church for the first time can be a bit stressful. We were all once in your shoes, and most of us were a bit apprehensive on our first visit.

What we will say is that you will find people not unlike yourself ready to say good morning and have a bit of a chat. You will also find honest and heartfelt worship in the music and the teaching of God's word.

Hopefully, you will leave having been challenged, maybe changed, and ready for visit number two!

Click here to read our mission statement, statement of faith and core values:

Meet our TEAM:
Pastor Brian and Shauna Luse

Brian and Shauna came to Scotland in January of 2009 in order to work with Re:Hope church in Glasgow, near the University. In June he was asked to “preach with a view” and shortly after, the members of RBC voted to call him as their 20th pastor.


Originally from the state of Oregon in the US, they and their children became citizens of the United Kingdom in 2018. Currently, they have eight children, ages 2 to 18, four of which have been born in Scotland.


Prior to coming to Renfrew, Brian had started a church, worked as a Children’s pastor, and travelled to India, Uganda, Madagascar and Nicaragua to work with churches and preach the good news of Jesus the Christ.

Keith and Helen Liddle

Keith and Helen have been attending RBC since 1994, joining the church shortly after getting married and moving to their first home in Paisley.

They have been involved in various ministries and served in different capacities over their time. Most recently, Helen was involved in Toddler Time before stepping back to take up a new position as a full time classroom assistant in a local primary school. She still maintains her role as one of the creche leaders.

Keith has served as Church Treasurer since the early 2000s and has combined that role with Church Eldership since 2010. He works full time as an account manager for a commercial printing company.

Keith and Helen have four children, the eldest born in 1996, the youngest born in 2007.

Dave and Harriet Berry

Dave grew up in Lenzie, and attended Glasgow University studying law.  After graduation, he took a role as attorney at Jackson Boyd.  Dave has lead worship at RBC for approximately 10 years and is married to Harriet.   

Meet our Team segment
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