Every Wednesday at 7:00pm, we gather at the church for “Simply Prayer.”

 A word of warning….this is not likely what you are used to, if indeed you have been to a prayer meeting.

Here is the highly detailed outline:

  1. Welcome
  2. Read a Psalm from the Bible
  3. Pray

That’s it? – Yep.

No sermon, no organised song, no talking about what to pray about first, simply prayer.

The side door opens at 6:30pm and coffee, tea and amazing cookies are served before hand. You are welcome to come at that time and chat, but at 7:00pm we get down to it.

Generous amounts of quiet are allowed. You can pray out scripture, even pray out a song, as long as we’re spending our time focused on the amazing God of the universe, it’s good!

We will go as long as people pray, which is usually about 45 minutes, then after a last sip of coffee and a chat, we go out.

Everyone is welcome. Everyone is encouraged. Everyone is heard by our Lord!